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Peer-review process

The Journal of the Kuwaiti Society for Postgraduate Studies is based on a double-blind review process. When a manuscript is received by the editor-in-chief, it is first processed for the originality and the content of the paper. This part of the process is accomplished inside the journal and we check for similar articles to make sure the work is not published under similar titles with possibly other notations. This part is important since external reviewers may not necessarily look for the originality of the paper. We also make sure the paper maintains a low similarity index by excluding references from the whole paper. The figures should not be copied from other papers and they must be drawn appropriately. All equations must be typeset properly and they should not be in figure format. In addition, tables must be in table format. These are preliminaries to make sure that the paper is original. Next, the editor-in-chief assigns three reviewers for reviewing process. Details of the peer review are explained in this Flow Chart.

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