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Ethics and Policies

Journal of the Kuwaiti Society for Postgraduate Studies follows the publication ethics launched by the committee in publication ethics. The code of conduct and practice guidelines are wholly followed. The peer-review process is followed by various strict ethical policies and standards that ensure the high quality of scientific work in academic and scholarly publishing. Plagiarized content is not tolerated.

Unfortunately, cases of plagiarism, data falsification, model manipulation, and authorship discredit, and the like issues do arise. The editorial team takes such issues very seriously as the team is trained to proceed in such cases with no tolerance policy.

Any facts that might be connected to the conflicts of authorships must be disclosed before the submission. Authors should present the correct findings and data that also include an objective discussion of the findings' significance. Data and methods mentioned in the research need to be presented in sufficient detail to be easily used for future research.


The authors must publicly place raw data before submitting the manuscript. Authors need to have a set of raw data in case the editorial team requests it. Moreover, authors need to ensure appropriate measures are taken back after the publication. Simultaneous submission of manuscripts in more than one journal is strictly prohibited. Republication of novel content is not tolerated (e.g. English translation of a manuscript already published in any other language).

If authors found errors and inaccurate content after the publication, they must inform the editorial team to take appropriate action. The submitted manuscript should not contain any information that is already published in another journal. If the already published image of the model is used, it must obtain permission and copyright from the original author and publisher. Any data manipulation, fabrication, and plagiarism are not tolerated. Plagiarism is strictly non-acceptable in the Journal of the Kuwaiti Society for Postgraduate Studies. Replication of text, images, models, and data from any source or your previous publication without citing any credit is not allowed.


Reusing of text must be between quotes and properly cited. The inspiration for the structure of language from a published paper must be cited.

Authors must ensure the source from where the material is taken and correctly cite it with appropriate permission. Authors should not be engaged in excessive self-citation of their previously published work. It is not allowed to favorably cite friends, peers, and institutions' publications. Publishing advertisements and advertorial material for a monetary benefit are strictly restricted.

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